Thursday, October 25, 2012

Activists rally in Italy for ban on Victoria horses in Mumbai--Rome: Drivers of horse-drawn carriages clash with animal rights activists--FIRST BAN ITALIAN HORSE CARRIAGES IN FLORENCE,ROME ,PISA IN ITALY

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Horse and carriage ride in Florence
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Experience the most romantic way to see the birthplace of the Renaissance... enjoy a Horse and Carriage ride through the beauty of Florence.
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The horse-drawn carriages that give tourists a guided tour of Rome's most famous sights are facing a ban after being condemned as cruel by Italy's tourism minister.

Horse drawn carriage, St Peters Basilica, Rome, Italy


Tourists in Pisa, Italy with horse drawn carriages


Horse-Drawn Carriage at the Colosseum, Rome, Italy

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Horse-Drawn Carriage at the Colosseum, Rome, Italy Photographic Print

=============================================================================Activists rally in Italy for ban on Victoria horses-IN MUMBAI[


MUMBAI: The overworked Victoria horses of Mumbai now have an ally in RomeItaly, where over 100 Italians on Thursday protested outside the Indian embassy to press for a total ban on Victorias. Upset that horses in Mumbai are forced to pull overloaded Victoria carriages for the "benefit" of tourists, the Italian animal lovers decided to organize a loud but peaceful protest.

One of the protesters, Helen Dufton, who is also an India enthusiast, told mediapersons, "I have often been told that the Victorias are part of the city's charm and that tourists love them. This is completely untrue, as many European tourists find it rather pathetic and deplorable to see weak and injured horses being made to run for money."

Dufton added that the Italian protesters want to send out a loud and clear message to the Indian government that they do not want to see the poor horses being subject to cruelty in the name of tourism. The protesters distributed pamphlets regarding Mumbai's Victoria horses to passersby in Rome, along with recent cases of accidents involving the horses on the city's streets.

"We are very happy that prominent international tourists, like those from Italy, have organized this protest to save Mumbai's horses. The activists even knew about the public interest litigation (PIL) on the issue of banning Victoria horses that is currently being heard in the Bombay high court,'' said Mumbai-based animal activist and lawyer Ambika Hiranandani.

She added that earlier this year, over 2 lakh Mumbai residents had signed a memorandum initiated by the citizens' movement 'Mumbai For Horses' to push for a ban on Victorias. Just this Wednesday, another Victoria horse was left injured opposite Regal Cinema in south Mumbai because of a mistake by its reckless handler.

Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye[mumbai]-but do not notice the log that is in your own eye[italy]